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Best Swim Looks for a Mid Century Motel Vibe

The vacation destination is *a vibe* and you want to dress according to the aesthetic of the Mid Century Motel that you’ll be staying at. Keeping silhouettes and color pallet in mind, the shopping begins! Between the Inn Rooms and the Cottages at Sunset, the color pallets can vary - if you’re shopping to coordinate your outfit with the setting for a photoshoot, look no further! We’ve complied a few of our favorite looks for the best swimsuits for a Mid Century Motel Vibe:

The Main Building:

The characteristic feature of the main building & The Lookout is the retro color banding in shades of orange and yellow. Stripes, two-toned color blocking, and retro-inspired accents are features you want to look for. Three suits that capture these qualities include the Anne-Marie 1-Inch Stripe Suit in Butterscotch by Solid and Striped, the Avery One Piece in Orange by Wolf and Badger, and Bikini in Yellow Poppy/Orange by Hammies.

The Captain:

Originally named MacDill after the Air-force base, The Captain’s theme combined white, orange, and a brilliant blue. Looks we love that compliment this vibe include the Awning Stripe Bandeau Two Piece in Blazer Blue by Kate Spade and the Rachel Suit in Twiggy by Skatie.

Cabana 1 & Cabana 2:

This joint building (previously named Tandem 1 & Tandem 2) serves up ocean front views with a fitting name, inspired by cabana tents on the sandy beach. Cabana 1 & 2 play with green, pink, and a vertical ‘cabana style’ striped pattern, and so should your swimwear! The Ruffle Shoulder One Piece with Belt by Eloquii takes a chic spin on a ‘cabana tent’ aesthetic, and the Color Block Open Back Wrap One-Piece by Anna Kaci makes a nod to the building’s duo-concept.

The Gulf View

Directly across from the ocean is The Gulf View, a double-room cottage with a blue exterior and green trim. The mural on the side of the cottage highlights the colors of an ocean wave, and your swimsuits can as well! With thin pinstripes in a breezy, light blue is the Kythira Belted Bikini Set by Boden. Accent the pallet in a richer hue in the pin-up style Classic Fifties One Piece Swimsuit in Green by Esther Williams.

The Blue Lagoon

Inspired by the Disney’s vintage mermaid lagoon, The Blue Lagoon (formerly known as The Vino) features a mermaid mural on a white and turquoise blue background. Feel like a mermaid yourself by divining into this theme! For the base suit, wear the Danielle Underwire Belted One-Piece Swimsuit in Blue Jean by Newman Marcus. To add some mermaid-scale-like sparkle, accent the suit with a sequined cover-up, the Les Tout Petits in white by Mini Dreamers.

The Coral Lee

Originally the Sunkissed Cottage, The Coral Lee cottage is painted in the exact color you’d expect - coral! To dress to this aesthetic, we’ve gone with a monochromatic pallet, featuring suits in pink hues. The Capri in Coral by La Peche Swim at Wolf and Badger hugs curves in ruched fabrics, elegantly draping off the shoulder with a one-sided strap. For a sleeker look, we love the the Lima Peach One Piece by Andrea Iyamah.

Wherever you stay, we know you'll be swimming in style!

Thanks for reading, we hope to see you soon!

The Sunset Team

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