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A walk down memory lane at The Coral Lee

The Coral Lee Cottage is a nod to the motel’s original name when it was built here back in the 1940s. Known recently as Sunkissed, this was the first building that inspired all the murals to be designed in a vintage illustrative style.

Ocean view from outside your front door.

The Coral Lee Cottage

The Coral Lee is a one-bedroom, one-bathroom beach bungalow with a living room and a kitchen. There are two private entrances, one along 79th Avenue (pictured above), and the other marked with a painted coral mural next to the door (on the side facing The Blue Lagoon).

Entering through the side-door, the kitchen is to your left and the dining space is to the right, opening up into the living room. Across from the futon is a whimsically colorful cabinet with a mounted flatscreen TV (not shown). A swivel feature is built into the television, so you can utilize it in the space at your convenience. Seating in the cottage includes four dining chairs and a convertible full sized futon. There’s an large, glass round top for dining or work and an oblong white coffee table.

To the left of the dining area is a custom framed historical collage of our motel; we took the original copies of vintage postcards, flyers, and photographs, and preserved them in a framed time capsule.

This kitchen is retro cozy, but it comes stocked with the following: dishes, glasses, utensils, pots, and pans. Appliances include a full sized retro refrigerator, microwave, Keurig coffee maker, blender, and remote controlled air conditioning. We recommend swinging by the Treasure Island Publix on the way to Sunset to pick up your vacation groceries or having them delivered via Instacart. (Click the link to check hours.)

A view into the kitchen space (above)

The bedroom is cozy and oh-so-comfy! The bed offers a new hybrid mattresses (pillow top coil with memory foam) and all white, fresh clean bedding. Lighting in the space includes an overhead fan combo and Space Age style ambient bedside table lamps. For privacy and restful sleep, windows are dressed in blinds and room darkening curtains.

Inside the bedroom is a standing closet for hanging storage (not pictured). Outside the bedroom door is a little vanity nook with a honeycomb dresser that doubles as storage for clothes..

We hope you enjoyed our informal tour of The Coral Lee and that we answered any questions you may have. If you'd like more information on the rates and availability, please click here.

The Sunset Team

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