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The Captain

With the perfect view facing the Sunset Inn is The Captain Cottage (previously named MacDill). Located directly across from the main inn building and next to the cottage courtyard, you get the best access of both worlds!

The Captain Cottage

The Captain Cottage is a two bedroom, one bathroom beach bungalow with a living room and a kitchen. There are two private entrances, one parallel to 79 Terrance and the other around the left side of the building (leading into the kitchen). For more of its history, read our blog post here.

The Dining Area has views into both the kitchen space and the living room. The glass tabletop seats four, and can double as a workspace. There’s a Mid Century style console cabinet against our walnut breeze block accent wall. In the Living Room, there is a futon that converts into a full size bed, and a mounted TV built with a swivel mechanism in case you want to watch from the dining room.

Living Room Area View (below)

Off the Dining Area is the kitchen. Appliances include a stove, microwave, refrigerator, and Keurig machine. Cabinets are stocked with dishes, glasses, utensils and pots and pans. We recommend swinging by the Treasure Island Publix on the way to pick up your vacation groceries or having them delivered via Instacart. (Click the link to check hours.)

The two bedrooms have a similar set up: one queen bed with two side tables. Storage space includes a large closet in the main bedroom, accompanied by an upcycled vintage dresser. As you walk into the first bedroom, the bathroom is located to the left (not shown). All of the beds have new hybrid mattresses (pillow top coil with memory foam) and all white, fresh clean bedding. There are both blinds and linen room darkening curtains on the windows. There are remote controlled A/C wall units and both bedrooms have overhead fan to circulate our Florida beach air.

We thoughtfully selected every item you see in each room at Sunset Inn & Cottages. There is original art on the walls and vintage or modern retro touches throughout the property.

We hope you enjoyed our informal tour of The Captain and that it answered any questions you may have. If you'd like more information on the rates and availability, please click here.

The Sunset Team

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