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Vintage & Artisan Decor Digital Tour

You may have seen our Digital Fine Art Tour, but we wanted to feature some of the cool artisan/vintage collectors items we’ve curated here at Sunset Inn & Cottages.

Supporting artisans and creatives is so important to us and is a guaranteed way to find some of the most unique decor on the market! One of our favorite sites to source from is Chairish, an online platform to buy quality artisan works and vintage finds. Below is a collage of some of our favorite Cherish finds:

As a 1950s-style motel, we often source a mix of real and ‘vintage-inspired’ pieces that have the Mid Century aesthetic. Following are some of the authentic pieces we were able to source: Retro Faux Fireplace from The Lookout, all the Inn Room’s colorful pink and yellow chairs, and the Vintage Acrylic Divider in the Gulf View Bedrooms.

Featured in every room on property are the artisan made, Custom Walnut Vermeer Breeze Blocks (see below) - the repetitive patterns these blocks heightens the space and adds to the vintage aesthetic.

Accenting the rooms with decorative items is really what makes every space its own. We’ve added Custom Vintage Rotary Telephone Lamps, Atomic Sculptures, Mid Century Boomerang Art, and MCM inspired clocks to each room, capturing that Space Ace feel.

A bold pop of color is essential to give a small space a huge impact. The Lit Betty Curvy Mirrors (placed at the vanity in select rooms) is by one of our favorite artisans, Well and Loves. Custom Silk Drapery Panels with Hot Pink Blackout Liners (handmade in Italy) paired with pops of color from our designer pillowcases makes each room give a vibrant impression.

When we went to make the mural outside The Lookout, we needed something that gave a little more depth and authenticity with a ‘vintage’ signage feeling. This brought us upon a maker who customizes Marquee Letters out of weatherproofed metal (perfect for Florida’s temperamental weather)! Color can be very impactful in even the tiniest of details - the cabinet knobs in every room do just that.

We hope you enjoyed the Vintage & Artisan Decor Digital Tour! If you'd like more information on the rates and availability, please click here.

Thanks for reading, we hope to see you soon!

The Sunset Team

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