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Sunset’s Artwork: A Digital Gallery

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Supporting artists and small businesses is very important to us. One of our favorite things to do is collect unique works of art, so why not share the artists we find with our guests? This blog highlights some of our favorite artists at Sunset Inn & Cottages:

‘Babette, Cleo, & Estelle Rouleau’ welcomes you in the Main Office. This Medium Art Print on Gold Framed Paper is by Willa Heart; the piece features three beautiful cranes soaring over a whimsical pink background.

Artwork by Krista Allenstein can be seen throughout the property. This artist’s works features paintings of “cool neon signs on old vintage maps”. We loved these for both their nostalgic motel vibe and their positive messages.

Throughout the Inn Rooms, you’ll see various Printmaking Works of the series, ‘Ethnic Girls’ by Luciano Cian. These vibrantly colorful portraits stand as the focal point to each room in which they’re featured.

A statement by the artist: “An ethnic group or ethnic group is a category of people who identify themselves based on similarities, such as common ancestry, language, history, society, culture or nation. This series immerses in the diversity of the races, seeking to explore these different ethnicities through colors, traces and visual elements. The Brazilian population is quite mixed. This was due to the mixture of different human groups that happened in the country. There are countless races that favored the formation of the Brazilian people. The main groups were indigenous peoples, Africans, European and Asian immigrants. Inspired by the book O Povo Brasileiro - work of the Brazilian anthropologist Darcy Ribeiro, launched in 1995 - ETHNIC honors this mixture and celebrates the equality of races, religions and forms.”


Room Six features ‘Plant in the Studio’, an oil painting on paper by Sonia Barreiro.

A statement by the artist: “This work is an exploration of color. The scene was painted in my old studio last year. What I like about it is that it has an air of mystery. I have enjoyed the company of this work as it is soft to look at, yet interesting for the eye to explore.”

In the Living Room of The Lookout, there is a vibrant painting of a woman, swirling motions sweeping the canvas. ‘Hallucinations’ is an original acrylic piece on canvas by Fariha Fatima., an artist living in Pakistan. The colors and emotion portrayed spoke to us and we love supporting women artists and providing a place for them to share their messages.

The Cabana Cottages are home to some of the most whimsical artworks.

Cabana One hosts humorous piece by Popdaisy Studio, the neon pink and yellow resin coated ‘Gummy Bears’. Rug art ‘Summer Of” by Dyreborg Studio hangs above the daybed, adding a textural moment of whimsy to the space.

Cabana Two’s bedroom doubles down with works of two artists: to the left of the bed is ‘The Rubix Cube’ by Natswood Art, and next to the door is one of two original acrylic ‘Bull Terrier Paintings’ by Andy Shaw (the other located in the Kitchen).

The mid-century inspired pieces titled ‘Geometric Circles’ by Melinda Cox hang in both The Captain and The Gulfview.

A statement from the artist: “This colorful, mid-century inspired fine art print was originally designed in additional colorways for a commercial project that renovated an existing mid-century laundry facility into apartments in downtown Providence, Rhode Island. The original, old-school washing machine drums were beautiful, visual inspirations. A companion print "Circles in Orange and Pink" was designed to pair with this work to create a grouping of bold color.”

‘Red Domino’ by Messi Cakes is an acrylic sculpture that hangs as a focal piece of The Captain’s Dining Area.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this digital ‘walk through’ of our favorite artists on site.

The Sunset Team

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