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Local Field Trip: The SHINE Mural Festival in St Pete

A Guide to Shine Mural Festival: Art, Community and Unforgettable Experiences

Are you looking for something to do that involves art, music, and a great time with your family and friends? Look no further than the 9th Annual Shine Mural Festival returning this October. Every year, this vibrant festival takes over the streets of St. Petersburg, transforming the town with larger-than-life murals created by a panel of accomplished artists from around the world.

A bright blue wall with white and hot pink script lettering that says "Sunshine on my Mind"
Leo Gomez Mural

The Shine Mural Festival was created by the St. Pete Arts Alliance to bring art and culture to the streets of St. Petersburg. Simply put, it's art for art's sake.

The festival invites artists from different parts of the world to paint murals throughout the city, creating a stunning and aesthetically diverse outdoor art gallery. The murals are located in different neighborhoods around St. Pete, so visitors can explore a variety of art while discovering different areas of town.

While exploring the murals, visitors will also encounter street musicians and performers, turning the entire city into a lively celebration of art and culture.

Side note: the St Pete Arts Alliance is also responsible for hosting the Second Saturday Art Walks through town. If you are staying with us during one of these evenings, do try to go! It's a great way to see fresh art and support local shops.

a map of the Second Saturday Art Walk route

Shine Mural Festival creates a sense of community in the city that brings people and local businesses together. This event is a testament to the spirit of collaboration and connection that continues to spread throughout Greater St Pete.

It brings a sense of vibrancy and excitement to the streets, transforming the city into an urban outdoor art museum. With various workshops, talks, and music performances, visitors can engage, learn and be in awe of everything art has to offer.

So whether you are an art lover, looking for an unforgettable experience, or merely want to be part of a vibrant community, attend the Shine Mural Festival when you stay with us October 13-22, 2023 at Sunset Inn & Cottages, or use their digital map to experience a DIY scavenger hunt of all the existing art from the past 9 years!

We hope this blog inspires an artistic walkabout for your upcoming itinerary. Thank you for reading.

The Sunset Team

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