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Letters Against Isolation

During the height of the pandemic, we felt compelled to help others and looked for ways to utilize our time at home to be of service. We discovered Letters Against Isolation, the brainchild of two young women looking to help connect isolated seniors with compassionate volunteer letter-writers as a way of providing some companionship.

We started writing letters as a family, signing up for more and more each cycle. At some point, we plateaued and there was only a certain number of letters we could physically send out so we started brainstorming ways to reach more seniors since the need was so great and the numbers of the isolated continuously increased.

That's when it hit us: we should provide our guests with the opportunity to volunteer some of their time during their stay with us! It's such a beautiful, meaningful program and the concept is easy and doesn't take a lot of time or energy if all the work is otherwise done for you. This is why at our {verdigreen} hotels properties, you will find a complimentary postcard and a Letters to Isolation station to write and deposit your letters. We take care of the sign up, the postage and we send them out monthly and have been able to reach hundreds of seniors across the nation, thanks to your generosity with your time and your open hearts.

If you see one of our Letters Against Isolation stations during your stay, please write a letter to a senior and not a Thank You Note to our hotel. As much as we love to read about your gratitude towards the innkeepers and support teams, we would love your energy and positivity to help our "friends" in need, instead. Please leave all Thank You Notes and reviews in our designated Guest Books - we love to read about your experiences there.

With heartfelt thanks,

Azie + the Shelhorse family | the {verdigreen} hotels team

Check out one of our properties in New York Woodstock, Tannersville, and East Chatham and in Florida Marrero’s Guest Mansion & Sunset Inn & Cottages. We look forward to hosting you.

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