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Designer Destination: Sunset Inn & Cottages on Treasure Island is Gulf Coast meets the Space Age

While relatively short lived, the Space Age Movement in pop culture made a huge impact on the last 1940s & 1950s. This radical design style was characterized by star motifs and atomic graphics, extremely curvilinear or angular shapes & forms. The Googie Design Movement capitalized on the futuristic style by incorporating some elements into it’s architectural forms. The Space Age style expanded into the fibers of society, appearing in pop culture, fashion, and television (the Jetsons being one of the most famous examples).

There are quite a few Googie style buildings in the St. Petersburg & Treasure Island area, but if you want to dive deep into the Space Age style, add Sunset Inn & Cottages to your travel list! Not only is our property home to an authentic MidCentury building and Googie-style beach bungalow, but it’s designed to accentuate the themes of the Atomic Age!

Notice the details on the handprinted murals around property and you’ll see atomic inspired symbols & stars, organic boomerang shapes and curved rectilinear forms:

Space Age decor is placed throughout the interiors of the Inn Rooms & the Private Cottages, like the Acrylic Atomic Sculptures, MidMod Fish Vases, and the Retro Star studded dish-ware.

The Lookout is home to a few authentic vintage pieces from the Atomic Age. The faux, freestanding fireplace in the bedroom is an original Mid Century Modern vintage relic, complete with a working fire screen and lit logs that appear to be on fire thanks to the rotating light within the mechanism.

A statement wall of walnut veneer panels are featured in every inn room & in each of the private cottages. We dreamed up these panels and found an artisan to custom fabricate them to emulate the look of breeze blocks, a design trend that was popular during the Atomic Era.

From the main building exterior to the differently themed cottages, color plays a very important role: every color palette you experience while staying with us was thoughtfully chosen based off authentic MidCentury colors. Whether exploring inside or out, you'll be stepping 'back into the Space Age'.

So if you're a retro-enthusiast or Space Age fanatic, you'll love spending some time in our Atomic Age inspired property.

Thanks for reading, we hope to see you soon!

The Sunset Team

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